• Take control of your building's heating and cooling system.

You don't need an expensive Building Management System to manage your HVAC remotely or automatically. Enjoy peace of mind that your system is working optimally with ENASTAT, a ruggedized WiFi thermostat for businesses. Climate control is now under your control.

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Better information at your fingertips with runtime analysis, maintenance reminders and operational alerts.

  • Runtime analysis

  • Maintenance reminders

  • Operational alerts

ENASTAT: the first industrial smart thermostat

Rugged design meets advanced technology

Enjoy remote access to heating and cooling systems, automatic scheduling and advanced diagnostics for your factory, shop, warehouse or garage.

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  • Controlled Anywhere

    Adjust temperature setpoints from anywhere in the world.

  • Secure

    Never worry about guests or employees tampering with settings.

  • Efficient

    Enjoy automatic energy savings from smart scheduling.

  • Overengineered

    Ditch the protective lockout case.

Case Studies


See how ENASTAT more than paid for itself in this shop.

Buy three, get one free

ENASTAT thermostats work even better as a team. Get your fourth thermostat free when you buy three today, or contact us about volume pricing.

  • "We're constantly in the field and away from the office. We can check and make sure the temperature is safe for our equipment in our bays at all times. We can update both bays separately in real time and adjust temperature controls however we see fit."

    Jeff Johnson

    Business Development Manager at Ki International Ltd.
  • "People in the shop aren't messing with the thermostat. It's nice that you can lock them out and control everything. You can change the temperature from anywhere in the world!"

    Kevin Harwood

    Sales Manager at Enquest Energy Solutions

Meet the Makers

Innovation in building control happened. It just didn’t happen for everyone.

ENA Solution co-founders Ramin Tajallipour and Patrick Williamson didn’t understand why residences and enterprise businesses were benefiting from smart building control, but small- and medium-sized businesses were stuck with the same old technology. So they went to work.


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