Why We're Here

Innovation in building control happened. It just didn’t happen for everyone.

ENA Solution co-founders Ramin Tajallipour and Patrick Williamson didn’t understand why residences and enterprise businesses were benefiting from smart building control, but small- and medium-sized businesses were stuck with the same old technology. So they went to work. 

With rich experience in developing communication systems for some of the harshest environments in the world, Ramin and Patrick were confident they were the right team to rethink environmental controls in factories, garages and other industrial and commercial settings.

They founded the company to serve the hardworking small- and medium-sized businesses and institutions ignored by large technology giants. The first order of business: giving you a better thermostat. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, kinda.

"I'm here to understand and fix our customers' environmental problems. It's that simple, and we're energized by the potential." - Ramin Tajallipour

Ramin Tajallipour

Co-Founder, Director

Patrick Williamson

Co-Founder, Director

The “smart” thermostats on the market were designed for residences; think fragile casing, limited lockout abilities and home-centric app controls. So that left business owners and operators with two choices in commercial climate control: technology that would feel at home in the 1980’s, or a multimillion dollar Building Management System. Enter ENASTAT, the world’s most durable, easy-to-use thermostat designed specifically for businesses.

A small yet determined company based in Calgary, ENA Solution is maniacally focused on solving environmental control problems for these underserved businesses. Customer experience is everything, so reach out anytime (night or day) to talk about the problems you want solved.