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ENASTAT Full Circle

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  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Pay with easy monthly installments! Contact us for bulk pricing.

    Worry-Free Heating

    Enjoy total control of your low-voltage heating system and fan plus peace of mind with ENASTAT's notifications, alerts and service support features.

    Industrial-grade smart thermostat

    ENASTAT's faceless design and thermoplastic overmold guarantee it will withstand the test of time (and accidental bumps and bruises)!

    Mount your industrial WiFi thermostat directly to an electrical box* with just a couple of screws. Then, scan your device in the ENASTAT app and connect to WiFi through the on-screen tutorial.

    You’ll be ready to start saving in just a few minutes!

    *If you need to mount it on drywall, please order a drywall mounting bracket through the chatbot located on the bottom right of this page or send us an email to sales@enasolution.com. It doesn't matter how old your heating system is—we can help.

    Exceptionally Engineered

    • Secure

      “Faceless” design so you can ditch the lockout case

    • Made in North America

      Individually tested and hand assembled

    • Durable

      Built for harsh environments and warranted for life

    • Smarter

      Environmental insights right at your fingertips

    We’re Built Different

    Unless you invested major money in a Building Management System, your climate control options have been underwhelming. Well, prepare to be overwhelmed. Or at least whelmed.

    Smartphone control

    Reminders and alerts

    Lockout design

    Smart scheduling

    Zoning and grouping

    The Other Guys

    Local control

    No system insights

    Not tamper proof

    Limited programming

    Single zone control

    Founder Story

    Innovation in building control happened. It just didn’t happen for everyone. 

    ENA Solution co-founders Ramin Tajallipour and Patrick Williamson didn’t understand why residences and enterprise businesses were benefiting from smart building control, but small- and medium-sized businesses were stuck with the same old technology. So they went to work


    How many ENASTAT do I need?

    How many heaters do you have? You need one ENASTAT per each current thermostat you have.

    Can I run on just 2-wire?

    YES! We support most 2-wire low voltage heaters. Just plug them into R and W terminals. If you are unsure if yours will work, send us a message in the chat or give us a call!

    What happens if I lose power?

    The ENASTAT will reduce how often it communicates the temperature if there is Wi-Fi still available. If not, ENASTAT will auto-reconnect when the power/network comes back.

    Do I need to replace the battery?

    No! Our innovative battery charging keeps the built-in battery charged for up to 2 weeks without power.

    Can I just use it to monitor the temperature?

    Yes, absolutely. Just plug the USB cable into the back to keep the battery charged and place the ENASTAT anywhere you want to see the temperature!

    My heaters are 110v, do you support them?

    Yes, Gen 2 supports Line voltage (110V/208/204V) heating system

    Do you support air conditioning?

    Yes, Gen 2 supports one stage cooling