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How many ENASTAT Thermostats do I need?

How many heaters do you have? You need one ENASTAT per each current thermostat you have.

Can I run on just 2-wire?

YES! We support most 2-wire low voltage heaters. Just plug them into R and W terminals. If you are unsure if yours will work, send us a message in the chat or give us a call!


What happens if I lose power?

The ENASTAT will reduce how often it communicates the temperature if there is Wi-Fi still available. If not, ENASTAT will auto-reconnect when the power/network comes back.

Do I need to replace the battery?

No! Our innovative battery charging keeps the built-in battery charged for up to 2 weeks without power.


Can I just use it to monitor temperature?

Yes, absolutely. Just plug the USB cable into the back to keep the battery charged and place the ENASTAT anywhere you want to see the temperature!

My heaters are 110V do you support them?

Yes! Our Gen 2 ENASTAT works with high voltage systems.


Do you support air conditioning?

You bet. Gen 2 ENASTAT works for both heating and air.

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