System Compatibility
Heat and Fan
Compatible with low voltage radiant and unit heaters and tube heaters
Single-Stage Heat and Cool
Compatible with all ENASTAT Heat applications plus high voltage radiant or unit heaters, single-stage RTUs, single-stage heat pumps and single-stage AC.
Multi-Stage Heat and Cool
Compatible with low voltage multi-stage radiant heaters, unit and tube heaters, RTUs, heat pumps and auxiliary systems.
Control Features
Stay informed of any potential issues with your system or building and enjoy standard reminders such as filter replacement recommendations. Available via email, push notifications or text.
Unlimited Group Control
If your building has multiple HVAC units, establish zones to create more consistent, comfortable temperatures across common space. As an added bonus, your equipment runtime can be balanced within a zone, ensuring one unit isn’t overworking.
Calendar 365
You control down to the exact calendar day how your system operates, including temperature, fan settings, humidity and “dead bands.”
Rechargeable Backup Battery
Monitoring of conditions and alarm notifications even in the event of a power outage or system failure.
Advanced Permission Sharing
With ENASTAT, you can delegate thermostat control to others, and choose between full control (including the ability to share with others) or limited control, such as only being able to adjust the setpoint within a certain band.
Heat-Cool Comfort and Heat-Cool Conserve
Prevents systems in the same zone from “fighting” — meaning one won’t be allowed to heat while the other is cooling — if you prioritize conservation. If comfort is your goal, it allows fighting and prioritizes your setpoint!
Setpoint Saver
With ENASTAT, you can set a default mode or setpoint so that even after there’s been a manual adjustment to your settings, things will return to normal after a certain period of time.
Dual Fuel
Whether it’s for performance or efficiency, seamlessly switch back and forth between electric and natural gas.
Freeze Protect
If running during the winter, your system could experience the freezing of refrigerant coils, thickening of lubricant and damage to moving parts and bearings. ENASTAT can automatically prevent the air conditioning from running if the outside temp goes below a designated level.
Predictive Setpoint Mode
Over the course of a month, ENASTAT will learn exactly how long it takes to reach any setpoint given internal and external conditions and (with 95% accuracy) initiate advanced heating and cooling based on your desired temperature schedule.
Filter View
Based on calendar dates and/or your run time, ENASTAT can suggest when it’s time to replace your filters to ensure your system runs spick-and-span.
Subzero Mode
ENASTAT offers the ability to control the temperature all the way down to -30 C. Now, refrigeration businesses or those insensitive to extreme cold (i.e. buildings without plumbing) can truly optimize their indoor temperature.
Hardware Specs
Perfect for rental properties or remote locations.
WiFi-Enabled & BLE
Onboard and control your device wirelessly on-premise or from anywhere in the world.
Probe and Sensor Attachment
Full-Circle accepts accessories, such as 0-10V output, Ethernet connectivity, RTD wired temperature sensor, etc.
Onboard Humidity Sensor
Optimize your space not just for air temperature, but also for relative humidity.
Tamper-Proof Sensor Intelligence
No more "faking" room temperatures to throw off the system.
LED Radial Status Indicators
Fast and simple visual feedback regarding your system's mode.
Custom Branding
Perfect for customization or corporate branding.
DryWall Mount
Easy install regardless of what's behind ENASTAT!
Electrical Box Mount
Easy install regardless of what's behind ENASTAT!
IP 56-Rated
IP56 protects against dust that may harm equipment and direct water jets.
IP 66-Rated
IP66 provides total dust tight protection, as well as shielding from direct water jets.
HVAC Accessory Control
Control both humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain ideal thermal conditions — for people, plants, products or processes!
Duct and Cover
You paid for all of your conditioned air, so make sure you actually get to enjoy it! ENASTAT will manage your fan run time to ensure all conditioned air is evacuated from the air ducts.
Fresh Air Optimizer
Heat Recovery
If your HVAC system has a heat recovery ventilator, ENASTAT can drive its operation. By extracting moist, stale air and using it to heat (and supply) fresh, filtered air, you’ll not only significantly reduce your electric bill, you can reduce humidity and condensation, shed contaminants and create a more even temperature throughout the space.
Cycle Watch
Establish minimum “off minutes” or maximum number of times a unit shuts off for heat pumps, air conditioners or boiler/hydronic systems to avoid the harshness of short cycling.
ENASTAT will run the air conditioner to lower the air temperature 1-2 degrees, taking moisture out of the space in the process.
Allergen Defender
Leveraging weather and air quality data, ENASTAT can automatically run your fan to ensure the air is as clean as possible for the occupants.
ENASTAT will maximize the efficiency of your air exchanger by only running it when the process is active (i.e. during business hours).
Advanced Runtime
ENASTAT will analyze the runtimes at different stages and automatically optimize for your system’s lower stages, maximizing efficiency and reducing wear and tear.
HVAC Performance Portal
This web-based platform is perfect for property managers or operators of multiple facilities, offering advanced control of any HVAC equipment as well as access to insights and alerts to ensure system optimization.