EnQuest Energy Saves Big With Smart Thermostats

EnQuest Energy Saves Big With Smart Thermostats

by ENA Solution

During the notoriously cold Canadian winter, keeping yourself warm is difficult enough. Heating more than 100,000 square feet of industrial shops with tall ceilings? Nearly impossible, at least without breaking the bank. 

Enter ENA Solution, maker of the industrial smart thermostat, ENASTAT. Designed specifically to meet the environmental and user requirements of work spaces, ENASTAT allows customers to save energy by giving them unparalleled control of their heating systems. Rather than managing each thermostat individually, EES was now able to create zones in the proprietary ENASTAT app. Once zoned, the heaters were set on a schedule based on shift timing.

Thanks to cloud-based recordings of the temperature profiles, EES recognized precisely how long the heaters in each zone need to run to achieve the desired setpoint. Conversely, they understood how early they could shut down the heaters as the shifts concluded, knowing temperatures would gradually decline as employees left for the day. The result: an average monthly savings of 10% on the heating bills after the installation, including a 39% reduction during the coldest month following installation, and a payback period of less than one year. 

While the convenience and energy savings certainly would have been enough to make EES happy, the data provided by ENASTAT offered another meaningful benefit. It was obvious that one of the zones had a bigger problem, as it was never able to achieve its target temperature setpoint even with the heater running constantly. The likely culprit for the company’s climate challenge: poor insulation.

By way of better control AND understanding of its space, EES was able to find significant financial savings opportunities without jeopardizing the comfort of its employees. A classic win-win, and a happy (or at least comfortable) ending to the story. 




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