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Our goal was to give you a better thermostat for your business’s heating and cooling needs. With ENASTAT, we did just that.

ENASTAT is the world’s smartest thermostat made specifically for industrial and commercial businesses.

We created ENASTAT to deliver a great user experience that’s designed for business. Through our revolutionary app technology, we provide you with advanced runtime analysis, preventative maintenance insights, and emergency notifications, which keeps your business running—even when you’re away. The secure design of our thermostats give you complete control over your heating and cooling systems, helping your business run more efficiently. With ENASTAT, climate control has never been easier.

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Efficient Scheduling

With our convenient scheduling features, you can optimize your thermostat to meet the needs of your business. Never waste money heating or cooling an empty space again.

Increased Control

With multi-building and multi-zone control, you can easily access all of your units from one convenient place—your phone.

Secure Lockout Features

Our tamper-proof, “faceless” design provides unparalleled security. Share access to your thermostat with those you trust and lock everyone else out.

Advanced Analytics

If something is off with your heating or cooling system, we have your back. Our runtime analytics, maintenance reminders, and operational alerts keep you informed at all times.

Durable Design

Built to last, our thermostats are made with a thermoplastic shell designed specifically to withstand the harsh environments of industrial spaces.

Control from Anywhere

Access your business’s heating or cooling systems anywhere in the world with our convenient smartphone app. Climate control is now at your fingertips.