ENASTAT 102: A New Overview

ENASTAT 102: A New Overview

by ENA Team

Two years ago, we published a blog article titled ENASTAT 101: Addressing Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

We’re back here again with a refresher and some updates, aka ENASTAT 102!

We understand keeping a commercial or industrial building comfortable can be a challenge. You want to ensure a pleasant environment for employees or tenants, but also keep energy costs under control. Enter the ENASTAT smart thermostat, a rugged and reliable solution designed specifically for your needs.

Built to Last

Unlike conventional thermostats, ENASTAT is built tough. Its faceless, thermoplastic casing shrugs off bumps and bangs, making it ideal for busy environments.  It's also tamper-proof, so you don't have to worry about unauthorized adjustments to the settings.

Remote Management

With ENASTAT, you're not chained to the thermostat.  The accompanying app and desktop portal allows you to adjust temperature setpoints from anywhere in the world using the app or browser. This is ideal for multi-location businesses or remotely managed properties.

Smart Scheduling

ENASTAT goes beyond simple on/off control.  Set up automatic schedules to adjust heating and cooling throughout the day and night. This ensures a comfortable environment during business hours and saves energy during off-peak times.

Multi-Point Sensing

Basic thermostats rely on a single temperature sensor, which may not reflect the entire space.  ENASTAT uses multi-point sensing to get a more accurate picture of your building's climate, ensuring consistent comfort throughout.

More Than Heating and Cooling

ENASTAT isn't just about temperature.  Some models offer features like humidity sensing and allergen defense, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Easy Installation

ENASTAT is designed for simple installation.  It mounts directly to an electrical box and connects to your WiFi network through a user-friendly app.  No need for complex wiring or calling in an HVAC specialist. In fact, you can even use ENASTAT if you’re missing a C-Wire. (More about that here.) 

Peace of Mind Features

ENASTAT offers runtime analysis, maintenance reminders, and operational alerts, keeping you informed about your HVAC system's health. This allows you to identify potential issues before they snowball into costly repairs.

Industrial Strength, Consumer Convenience

ENASTAT bridges the gap between industrial robustness and consumer-friendly features. It's a powerful tool for managing your commercial or industrial climate, offering comfort, control, and cost savings.

Whether you're managing a warehouse, retail space, or office building, the ENASTAT smart thermostat can be a valuable asset.  Its durability, remote management capabilities, and smart features make it a compelling solution for businesses of all sizes.




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