ENA Brought the Heat to AHR

ENA Brought the Heat to AHR

by ENA Team

The 2022 AHR Expo has come to an end, and ENA Solution has put a bow on its first-ever trade show. Not a group to shy away from the spotlight, we picked the premier global HVACR conference to make our exhibitor debut. And it did not disappoint. We break down the experience below and invite you to share yours with us on LinkedIn

An Increasingly Digital World…

Industrial IoT was on full display at the convention as businesses look for ways technology can give them an edge. Suppliers, distributors and technicians alike shared use cases for wireless communication, analytics and increased software adoption. Businesses want more data, more connectivity in buildings and with customers, and more opportunities to automate or improve efficiency. Emerging technologies in the HVAC industry promise to make all this possible and cheaper than ever 

…But BACnet Still Looms Large

Traditional automation systems are still the 800-lb gorilla, at least in the enterprise space. Flexibility and reliability aren’t optional in industries where HVAC is critical to the infrastructure, so the transition to full wireless communications will take several years. 

Less Specialization, More Cooperation 

We consistently heard from suppliers, distributors and techs serving multiple markets spanning residential, commercial and industrial. Having the ability to support numerous industries means a willingness to partner with others and building flexibility into a product or service. The world is evolving quickly and all parties in the ecosystem must adapt. 

It’s a Small World (Canada and the international community showed out) 

“Hey, a fellow Canadian” was overheard countless times during the three-day show. While we call Calgary our home base, we’re truly a global business and the show certainly had a borderless feel to it. The entire globe is looking to innovate in heating and cooling…and we’re up for the challenge! 

They Like Us, They Really Like Us

We had several visits from the media who were interested in hearing not only about our products, but the origin of our company. If you don’t know yet, ENA Solution was born from the hearts and minds of two highly skilled engineers. You can read all about it here (or in the upcoming profile pieces!).

We left Las Vegas with hundreds of leads and great new relationships. (And it wasn’t just because we held a happy hour in our booth!) We think the industry’s in a great spot, and we feel the same about ENA Solution now more than ever.




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