A Garage Thermostat for the Most Frigid Temperatures

A Garage Thermostat for the Most Frigid Temperatures

by ENA Team

Desperate for a thermostat that could stand up to the extreme cold temperatures in his three-car garage, Trevor Greaves turned to an electrician friend who installed a product intended for commercial freezers. It worked, in a pinch, but when Trevor built a second garage for his cars, he knew he needed something better.

Trevor wanted the features and flexibility of a smart home thermostat, including Wi-fi connectivity and an app he could control from the comfort (and warmth) of his living room couch. But he needed something rugged enough to stand up to the tough winters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and with a wide temperature range to match.

What he needed couldn’t be found at his local big-box store, and he knew firsthand because he’d purchased some in the past that simply stopped functioning in the cold. So he asked Google for a rugged thermostat, and Google suggested ENASTAT. “It works so flawlessly that I’m almost afraid to change it,” he said.

Trevor said he most appreciates how ENASTAT helps him save on heating costs. Running the heater constantly adds up, of course, so he’s using ENASTAT’s advanced analytics to closely monitor and optimize his energy usage. “It’s so responsive and works very well,” he said.

As a bonus, ENASTAT gives him full control of his garage thermostat. That means his kids can’t crank the heat up and leave it running when they drive away.




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