5 Surprising and Unique ENASTAT Settings

5 Surprising and Unique ENASTAT Settings

by ENA Team

Arguably the smartest thermostat ever made, ENASTAT is well known for its advanced capabilities when it comes to controlling multiple zones, setting schedules and permissions, and optimizing your system’s runtime. The app has also been loaded with capabilities to address a wide range of potential circumstances or user goals, too. Let’s unpack 5 of the most unique settings you can tap into via the ENA App.

Sub Zero Mode

Most HVAC controllers don’t allow setpoints below 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), but ENASTAT offers the ability to control the temperature all the way down to -30 C. This comes in handy for refrigeration businesses as well as buildings less sensitive to extreme cold (i.e. those without plumbing), such as remote cabins.

Freeze Protect

It’s recommended by most OEMs to avoid air conditioning when outdoor temperatures fall below 16 C (60 F) as it can cause problems for refrigerants and, in turn, AC units. The impact could include freezing of refrigerant coils, thickening of lubricant and damage to moving parts. With Freeze Protect in place, ENASTAT will prevent the air conditioning from running if the outside temp drops below a designated level. 

Duct and Cover

Did you know that oftentimes conditioned air traveling through ductwork never makes it to the supply vent? With ENASTAT’s Duct and Cover setting, your system fan’s runtime will be automed to ensure all the air is evacuated. After all, you paid for that air! 

Cycle Watch

A system’s cycle rate is the maximum number of times it will run hourly when using at least half of its capacity to achieve a setpoint. 

Cycle Watch will establish minimum “off minutes” or the maximum number of times a unit shuts off for heat pumps, air conditioners or boiler/hydronic systems to avoid the harshness of short cycling. The result: lower maintenance cost thanks to less wear and tear on your system. 

Setpoint Saver

Sometimes you want to create “exceptions” to your regularly scheduled thermostat program. For instance, a school gym may be unoccupied in the evenings but occasionally hold special events. Or perhaps you’re having an office holiday party. With ENASTAT’s Setpoint Saver, you can establish a default mode or setpoint so things will automatically return to normal after a certain period of time.  

Because ENASTAT is a cloud-connected thermostat, we’re continually innovating and adding new features over the air. Check out everything you can do from the ENA App and Dashboard here. Or, get in touch if you have a brilliant idea you’d like to see in our next push. 




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