5 Reasons to Add ENASTAT to the Curriculum

5 Reasons to Add ENASTAT to the Curriculum

by ENA Team

With cavernous spaces, fluctuating occupancies and a whole lot of student bodies to make comfortable, heating and cooling school campuses can be costly and complicated. If you don’t mind spending six figures, Building Management Systems can accommodate virtually every scenario. However, with school budgets constantly under stress, there’s a more practical and economical solution in ENASTAT Full Circle. Let’s examine the many ways in which ENASTAT can make the Dean’s List in any school or university. 

Campus-Wide Control

You won’t find a more diverse set of facilities than on a school campus; libraries, gyms, classrooms, cafeterias and others all serve different purposes and will have distinct schedules and requirements. The ability to set up multiple zones within larger buildings and control all zones and individual thermostats from one interface propels ENASTAT to the top of the class. 

Advanced Honors 

We’ve all witnessed the lockbox with taped-on instructions. But unless you want a janitorial-sized keyring, there’s a better way to curb tampering in the classroom. ENASTAT’s faceless design means students and faculty alike can’t adjust schedules, temperatures or any other settings. With Advanced Permission Sharing in the ENA App, choosing who gets the honor of controlling ENASTAT’s settings is entirely up to you. 

Comfort in 4th Period 

Setting a local schedule for your thermostats is great, until a new semester starts and the room assignments have changed, or when a holiday arrives and the classroom is off its normal operating schedule. Any number of deviations can lead to the HVAC system running to condition an empty building. But with Calendar365 in the ENA App, you can schedule each thermostat or zone down to the exact calendar day.  

Budget Booster

We mentioned the razor-thin operating budgets many academic institutions must face, but even if you boast a Harvard-sized endowment there’s no reason to waste money heating or cooling inefficiently. ENASTAT’s advanced control features like Predictive Setpoint Mode, wherein the runtime is optimized based on your setpoint, can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. 

Student Satisfaction 

Studies suggest student performance degrades when conditions are uncomfortable, so the timing and control of your heating and cooling systems is paramount to academic excellence. Plus, features such as FilterView and Allergen Defender ensure healthier indoor air quality and a more productive learning environment. 

There are so many more ways ENASTAT can help academic institutions save money, boost performance and simplify operations. Learn more here about how you can take control of your campus!



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