10 Easy Things Any Business Can Do to Save Energy

10 Easy Things Any Business Can Do to Save Energy

by ENA Team

In honor of Earth Day, we’re publishing a list of easy-to-adopt changes and strategies for businesses to conserve energy. Even if you’re not ready to go fully net zero, these tips should make conservation a piece of cake! 

1. Smart thermostats, of course!

You probably figured we would drop a quick plug for ENASTAT, so why not make it number one?! Putting your thermostats on a schedule can save some serious carbon (and coinage), so give us a call and let’s knock this one off the list today. 

2. Make it a priority

A lot of conservation can come from within! If your employees understand energy efficiency is part of the company culture, they may be more conscious of their consumption both in and away from the workplace. Don’t be quiet about your conservation goals! 

3. Lighten up

There’s a lot you can do with lighting to save energy, including a programmable schedule, daylight/motion sensors, conversion to LED and even just taking advantage of natural light (which can also provide a radiant heat source in the winter). Lighting can comprise as much as 20% of a commercial property’s energy bill, so don’t overlook it.  

4. Power down

Dormant computers are an unnecessary drain on the grid; ensure employees working from laptops or desktops take advantage of the hibernation/sleep feature. In fact, make it a habit to power down (and unplug) as much as you can at the end of the day and/or before the weekend. “Vampire loads” (as they’re unaffectionately known) can be a sneaky driver of consumption and costs. . 

5. Go paperless

Only print what is absolutely necessary; you’ll save on paper, ink and printer operating expenses while reducing the amount of waste your business produces.

6. Temperature check 

Set a water temperature below 120 degrees fahrenheit and you’ll avoid paying for scalding hot water (and prevent a possible workplace accident).

7. Plant trees

Not only are trees useful in absorbing carbon in the atmosphere, they can provide shade from intense sun in the summers and chilly winds in the winter.

8. Go virtual

Having a virtual meeting or even the occasional work-from-home day can reduce the amount of energy burned traveling and commuting. Plus, it should save your employees some time.

9. Change filters

Ensuring you change air filters every 3-6 months will help optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system. It’s also one of the easiest preventative maintenance things you can do without the aid of a certified HVAC technician. 

10. Get a pro

Whether you hire a full time energy manager or contract with a firm to perform an energy audit, professionals will be able to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and the easiest, most affordable ways to implement solutions. When in doubt, ask an expert! 

All too often conservation strategies can feel audacious and overwhelming, but there are lots of little things companies and their employees can do to save energy (and time + money). Don’t forget to share your wins and experiences with others; we can all learn from each other’s successes and enjoy a healthier planet (and profit)!




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