Ramin and Patrick, founders, decided to launch ENA Solution after seeing the need for commercial and industrial automation in buildings. Traditional systems do not sit well with ENA Solution—there is so much room for improvement!

The ENASTAT™ product line comes from an observation made by one of our early customers that he was paying to heat his building when there were no employees around. Our founders decided they needed to help that customer and, as a result, developed the first prototype of the ENASTAT™. During the prototype testing phase, they were stunned to see how effective it was at reducing gas consumption. It was later decided that ENA Solution needed to make this thermostat available to everyone!

At ENA, we enjoy brainstorming and listening to our customers’ pain points to see if there is some way we can make their life easier.

Ramin Tajallipour

Co-Founder, Director

Patrick Williamson

Co-Founder, Director