Your HVAC Fall Checklist

Your HVAC Fall Checklist

by ENA Team

It’s officially the first day of fall, and while it may not feel like it across all of North America, many have already switched to heating or will be doing so soon. As the crisp autumn air sets in, grab a blanket and your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage while reading our handy HVAC checklist. 

Schedule Maintenance

For some areas of inspection and maintenance, it’s best to hire a certified technician. (The equipment is not only highly specialized, it’s very expensive…so don’t try to be a hero!) If you don’t already have a go-to company for this, contact ENA Solution and we can help! Now, let’s examine some items you can safely and conveniently tackle without the help of a professional. 

Replace Air Filters

It’s a good idea to change the air filters every season, though depending on your usage and overall air quality, you may need to do this more frequently. Visually inspect the filters and, when they’re turning black, it means it’s time for an upgrade! New filters will boost the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve the air quality for occupants, important at a time when people are spending more time indoors. 

Shutting Off Your Air Conditioner

Before you shut your air conditioning down for good, test this process a few weeks prior by turning it off and then back on. This will show you if there are any problems during and give you time to schedule maintenance so you’re not stuck with a struggling system when spring rolls around. 

Check Your Thermostat Settings

You may need to adjust your schedule or set point, so make sure the heating settings are where you want them for the season. Additionally, remember that clocks roll back in November. If you have ENASTAT, we take care of it automatically!

Activate the Humidifier

Now that drier, less humid air is a factor, reactivate your humidifier with a dedicated control switch (or simply turn on the water supply to the unit)

Clean Up Debris

Check your outdoor units and remove any leaves or gunk. Over time debris can get into your system and hamper performance or create maintenance issues, so a quick cleaning each season is in order!

Seasonal maintenance should be a breeze, but never hesitate to contact a professional whenever you have questions! A well maintained system will have a longer life and lower operating costs, saving you a lot over the years. Happy heating!




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