Winter Is Coming...So Let's Winterize Your HVAC!

Winter Is Coming...So Let's Winterize Your HVAC!

by ENA Team

With the heating season in full swing and the harshest months of winter weather still ahead, it’s important to make sure your system is in tip-top shape so you have adequate, efficient heat all season. We’ve got a handy checklist for preparing your heating system for anything Old Man Winter throws at it. 

Insulate Exposed Pipes 

Cooler temperatures could cause exposed pipes or other outdoor unit parts to crack. Add insulation to the exposed parts of your unit to prevent any damage. (A pool noodle is a quick and easy solution!) 

Seal Vent Gaps

Inspect your vents for any gaps and, if present, close them. You’ll avoid drafty conditions and an overworked (and expensive to run) heating system.

Inspect Airside Economizers 

Airside economizers regulate the amount of cold air entering the building, especially useful in the summer when you can take advantage of “free cooling.” But if it’s disabled or working improperly, you may end up leaking warm air or pulling in cold air during the winter. Make sure to have a professional perform a check-up. 

Change Air Filters

This feels like evergreen advice, and we can’t stress enough how impactful a clean filter can be on your HVAC system. Changing the filter will boost the performance of your system and reduce your energy bills. 

Examine Heating Components

Inspect and clean all of your heating elements and make sure they’re running properly. If your system uses water, clean the pipes and check for mold or condensation. And look for any cracks or exposures which could cause heat loss. 

Thermostat Settings

Make sure your schedule, setpoint and zones are all set up properly. While most thermostats are digital these days, as they age they could lose temperature accuracy. (ENASTAT is equipped with multiple, professional-grade sensors for the highest accuracy on the market…but that’s neither here nor there 🙃). Finally, make sure your systems aren’t fighting each other with one area heating and another cooling. 

Check Airflow

If there’s not enough airflow moving through the system, it won’t work as efficiently as it should. Strange noises could point to an obstructed airway, so check to ensure vents are free of debris or anything else which could be clogging it. 

Call a Professional

At a minimum, we recommend having a service and maintenance professional inspect and clean your system at least twice per year. It’s a small price to pay upfront for peace of mind and a potentially larger repair and maintenance cost later if care is neglected. Happy heating! 




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