Top 7 Reasons You'll Love ENASTAT

Top 7 Reasons You'll Love ENASTAT

by ENA Solution

If you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you aren’t 100% convinced ENASTAT is right for you. (If we’re assuming incorrectly, here’s where you ought to be: 

For those fence-sitters, we’re here to move you to our side with a list of 7 reasons you’re going to love the ENASTAT thermostat. 

Durable AF (and Formidable)

Fully molded with thermoplastic, ENASTAT is engineered to withstand anything you can throw at it. Though why on Earth would you want to throw something at this beautiful piece of wall candy? Which leads to our next point...

Elegant Design

There’s no fragile screen or ugly tactile buttons/switches on the exterior, leaving you with a beautiful piece of technology to display for visitors. But even more than bragging rights, this thoughtful design also makes the thermostat tamper proof. The days of office thermostat wars are officially over.

One App to Rule Them all

Have more than one thermostat location? (Well, aren’t we fancy?) ENASTAT is perfect for managing multiple climate zones and even separate properties. With our advanced scheduling feature, set the desired temperature setpoint at any day or time and enjoy the hands-off control. (Just don’t let the power go to your head!)

Made in Canada

Canadians are renowned for niceness, and what’s nicer than supporting a Canadian manufacturer? We make all of our thermostats right here in Calgary, and are proud to be making a positive impact on the community. 

Easy to Install

Two wires and two screws...even the least handy among us should not be daunted by the task of installing an ENASTAT! 

Automatic Energy Savings

Enjoy the benefits of accurate temperature readings, scheduling and remote adjustments to ensure your heater is only running when you need it. Save up to 30% on your energy bills by reducing runtime...that’s a lot of green for the planet and your pockets. 

24-Hr Support 

At the end of the day, we created ENA Solution and the ENASTAT to ENAble (see what we did there?) your success. We’re here for you, literally. Let’s talk or chat online if you have any questions before, during or after the installation. We love hearing from our customers!




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