Six Ways to Save This Summer

Six Ways to Save This Summer

by ENA Team

HVAC is one of the largest operating expenses for businesses, especially if you’re dealing with expansive buildings with lots of occupants. We’re grateful for air conditioning during the peak summer heat, but it can be quite costly to maintain comfort. Fear not; we have six surefire ways to offset higher energy expenses that are easy to implement. Check them out below! 

1). Setpoint Strategy

If people are wearing coats and sweaters, or using a space heater to stay warm, you may be over-conditioning the space. Try increasing the setpoint a few degrees and take advantage of shade or air circulation if an offset is needed. 

2).Keep Your Air

Letting air escape through windows, doorways or even cracks can cause your air conditioning to run more frequently. Seal up any gaps and make sure people aren’t frequently leaving dock doors or entryways ajar.  

3) Schedule Smarter

A smart thermostat (like the one made by yours truly) isn’t just a fun toy, it’s a serious money-saver when put to proper use. Scheduling your AC setpoints prevents it from running when you don’t need it, and more sophisticated controls can even optimize your runtime automatically based on historical data.  

4) Go Dark

Lighting produces a lot of heat, but there are several ways to offset the load. Take advantage of natural light when you can, and add daylight or occupancy sensors to your lights so they’re only on when needed. Your wallet will thank you. 

5) Slay the Vampire (Loads)

Whether they’re in use or not, electronics that are plugged in are drawing power. Not only do these "vampire loads" consume energy, they produce heat. If you don’t have a fancy Building Management System to manage energy loads, try unplugging devices that aren’t in frequent use.  

6) Hide the Heat

Your thermostat is typically measuring the ambient temperature in its direct proximity. If you have a heat source nearby, consider relocating it or the thermostat to prevent an overactive air conditioner. Alternatively, take advantage of a thermostat capable of pairing with sensors and taking multiple temperature inputs. 

Simple strategies can pay off in a big way this summer. If you have any questions about your building’s cooling or heating profile, be sure to talk to your HVAC technician or friendly ENA Solution consultant!




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