Six Advantages of Dual-Fuel Systems

Six Advantages of Dual-Fuel Systems

by ENA Team

ENASTAT Full Circle, the world’s most advanced commercial thermostat, boasts dozens of unique control settings, including Dual Fuel mode. When the temperature goes below the balance point, ENASTAT will turn off the heat pump’s compressor and switch to natural gas until you reach it. You can also designate your low balance point, which may vary depending on outside humidity, system size and refrigerant, right within the ENA app.

But why do businesses install dual-fuel systems in the first place? Let’s dive in. 

Efficiency: By combining an electric heat pump and a furnace, you can maximize efficiency by leaning into one of the units when the performance of the other is suffering. 

Comfort: Configure your settings to optimize for the best thermal conditions possible. A heat pump delivers when outside temperatures are mild, but the gas furnace can be leaned on when it really starts to get frigid. 

Eco-Friendliness: A dual-fuel system is going to largely rely on the electric side, meaning it’ll create less pollution and emissions than a standalone gas furnace. 

Versatility: These systems boast the ability to adapt to both internal and external conditions, ensuring you’re getting the right amount of heat given any circumstances. 

Economy: Sure, the initial cost of a dual-fuel system will be higher, but most businesses will see a significant savings on their monthly energy bill, providing an ongoing return on investment. 

Optionality: You have the choice to automate operations or manually select the energy source. With energy costs being more volatile these days, you can select the system that will deliver the cheapest energy at the tap of your finger. 

Whether you’re already employing a dual-fuel system or considering an upgrade in the future, just know that ENASTAT Full Circle will maximize the functionality for peak performance! 




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