New Year, New Thermostat: 22 Reasons to Upgrade in 2022

New Year, New Thermostat: 22 Reasons to Upgrade in 2022

by ENA Team

If 2021 wasn’t the year you upgraded to an ENASTAT smart commercial thermostat, that’s OK. We’re here with 22 compelling reasons to turn a new page in the calendar (and in climate control) in 2022. 

  1. Save the Planet. Reduce unnecessary energy use by scheduling your HVAC to only run when it’s needed. Every little bit of conservation helps! 
  2. Get Comfortable. With ENASTAT, you’ll know exactly how early to start heating or cooling a space to achieve a comfortable temperature before arrival. 
  3. Peace of Mind. Never worry about your HVAC breaking down without you knowing. 
  4. Pad Your Wallet. Less unnecessary heating and cooling = less money out the door. 
  5. Protect Your Valuables. And by valuables, we mean thermostats. ENASTAT has the rugged industrial design to take abuse and stay in use! 
  6. Go Universal. ENASTAT works with both high and low voltage systems, so there’s never a concern with compatibility. 
  7. Take Control...From Anywhere. Remote control means you decide what temperature you want and when, even if you’re not in the building. 
  8. Set it and Forget it. Schedule your thermostat settings and leave all your worries behind. Well, at least your worries about temperature control. 
  9. Share With Friends. Grant permission to control the thermostat to others right from the ENA app. Just be sure to choose wisely :) 
  10. Create Zones. No more walking around to individual thermostats; with ENASTAT, you can group devices into zones and control them simultaneously.
  11. Stay in the Know. With alerts and notifications, get a heads up if anything seems off. You’ll also receive reports on the use and performance of your system.
  12. Customer Support. Have a question about your thermostat? Pondering the ins and outs of your HVAC system? Just need to hear a friendly voice? Check, check and check with ENA Solution’s stellar customer support team. 
  13. Wall Art. Analog thermostats are so 20th century. Add a touch of modernity to your wall with the sleek design of a new smart commercial thermostat. 
  14. Ditch the Lockout Case. Lockable plastic boxes don’t scream “I trust my employees.” Ditch the lockout hardware while still preventing tampering with ENASTAT’s “faceless” design. 
  15. Save Time. Stop walking around from bay to bay changing the thermostat settings. You can schedule your settings or control them manually, all from the comfort of your chair. 
  16. Preventative Maintenance. Get reminders right in the app if it’s time for a filter replacement, annual tune-up or any other routine HVAC actions.
  17. Cellular Connections. For rental or remote properties, Wi-Fi control isn’t always the best option. With ENASTAT Gen 2, you can take advantage of onboard LTE capabilities to control the temperature. 
  18. Total Transparency. With reporting and analytics, usage data is right at your fingertips. Understand what’s driving your energy consumption and HVAC usage and receive helpful tips. 
  19. Support Small Businesses. Let’s face it: most thermostats are made by huge HVAC and controls conglomerates. ENA Solution is a hardworking small business focused on making one thing really, really well. Show your love for startups and small businesses by making the switch! 
  20. Help a Tech. Sometimes technicians feel like they’re flying blind; with the advanced sensing and logging capabilities of ENASTAT, you can share rich insights with your service provider. 
  21. No Power, no Problem. Thanks to an onboard backup battery, ENASTAT will keep going for up to two weeks after losing power. 
  22. Ongoing Upgrades. Over-the-air updates provide you with the latest and greatest features for 2022 and all the years ahead! 

Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to save more time, money or energy, ENASTAT provides an easy way to knock those items off your list. (We can’t, however, help you stick to that diet or exercise routine.) Happy New Year from the whole ENA Solution team!




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