Meet Our Co-Founder: Ramin Tajallipour

Meet Our Co-Founder: Ramin Tajallipour

by ENA Solution

An electrical engineer by education, a heavy machinery innovator by trade and now a tech startup founder by choice, Ramin Tajallipour spent his entire life trying to figure out how things work and, more importantly, how they can work better. 

His path to startup founder began like anyone else’s. Kidding, of course. Ramin (pronounced Rah-mean) was born into a family of engineers—mechanical, chemical, electrical, you name it. A proclivity for technology and an insatiable curiosity started him on a track of innovation; even as a kid, he loved pulling things apart and putting them back together just so he could understand how they worked. 

He maintained this curiosity when he entered his engineering undergraduate program in Iran and throughout his master’s pursuit in Canada. (Not to mention, he earned a lot of life experience, as one would expect of somebody moving across continents!) While working towards his master’s degree, he started taking on projects for companies making, servicing and implementing heavy and highly technical machinery. (Picture giant pieces of equipment meant to go 6,000 meters beneath Earth’s surface, where they might be exposed to temperatures of 200 degrees celsius.) 

Ramin put those degrees to work, creating patented control systems enabling precise operation of the equipment from anywhere in the world (and with resistance to those extreme conditions). The more he worked and applied his engineering expertise, the more he was exposed to all sorts of business challenges. Along the way, he became obsessed with the heating and cooling inefficiencies plaguing most small- and medium-size businesses, and the lack of solutions made available to them. Their choices were adopting consumer tech (which is underbuilt for the application) or enterprise tech (think multimillion dollar building management systems). Thus, ENA Solution was born. 

Ramin’s first-ever startup, the one you’re here reading about, launched the flagship ENASTAT in late 2020. To be sure, it’s a great product and one that’s addressing a considerable unmet need. That said, it’s the first step of building out an entire solutions company, one which will combine Ramin’s engineering expertise and his passion for helping businesses solve some of their most difficult problems. We’re all grateful to have you following along the journey of ENA Solution and, of course, Ramin!




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