Know the Difference: ENASTAT Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Know the Difference: ENASTAT Gen 1 vs Gen 2

by ENA Solution

We recently introduced the latest and greatest version of our commercial smart thermostat, and you may be wondering what’s changed. But before we break down the latest features, know that the Gen 1 thermostat is still available and perfect for low voltage heating systems anywhere in Canada. Now let’s get into the Gen 2 improvements.

This Is Cool

That’s right, we just made your whole YEAR awesome: ENASTAT Gen 2 supports heating and air systems. Imagine the control...the savings...the power. Just don’t let it go to your head :) 

High Voltage Heat

Feel that spark? If so, hopefully it’s just because we sparked your interest, and not because you forgot to cut the breaker! ENASTAT Gen 2 now works with low and high voltage heating systems, so you never have to worry about compatibility! 

It’s Not the Heat…

OK, it is the heat. But also the humidity! ENASTAT Gen 2 not only has the most accurate temperature sensor, it now precisely measures humidity so you get a full picture of ambient conditions. 

Meshing Around

With support for LTE and WiFi mesh networks, accessing your ENASTAT is never a concern. Tapping into cellular also works great if your thermostat is in a rental property where networks may change or a remote location with no WiFi. 

Hello, Neighbor

Unlike its predecessor, ENASTAT Gen 2 is UL-listed and ready for action in the USA. Because there’s no reason Canadians should keep all the cool things to themselves 🇨🇦

Still have a question about which thermostat is right for you? Tap the chat icon on our site and let us know what’s on your mind (and on your wall)!




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