Introducing the ENA Partner Program

Introducing the ENA Partner Program

by ENA Solution

We’re excited to announce the ENA Partner Program, a dedicated platform specifically for industrial and commercial HVAC suppliers, distributors and service businesses.

We created the ENASTAT smart industrial thermostat not only to deliver a great user experience, but also to bring servicers and suppliers of HVAC equipment closer to their customers. Through our revolutionary hardware and app technology, we’re able to provide valuable insights into equipment status and comfort level. And, if a customer has a question, a problem or a need, we can connect them directly with your business, guaranteeing timely and high-quality service and results. 

Whether you want to provide predictive maintenance or simply be “present” when needs arise, we’ll create a strong connection so you can maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Here’s how you benefit! 

New Revenue Opportunities

Offer ENA Solution products to your customers for additional revenue opportunities. Additionally, we can create new revenue models with predictive maintenance or other services. 

High Margins, Low Minimums

We want an ongoing partnership, not a one-time big sale. Let’s put a plan together that works great for you! 

Branded Presence

Stay top of mind with your customers through customized branding opportunities within the app, thermostat, packaging or ongoing customer communications. 

Data Insights

See firsthand the performance of your systems and identify any problems or potential opportunities within customers’ spaces. 

Better Customer Experience 

Connect directly with your customer and enjoy streamlined communications about their HVAC systems or any new products or services you might offer. 

New Product Pipeline 

As ENA Solution develops more environmental-based innovations, you’ll have an opportunity to sell more products to your customers. 

We want to hear what you think! Email and let’s talk temperature 😀



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