ENASTAT Eliminates Tiresome Drive for Office Building Owner

ENASTAT Eliminates Tiresome Drive for Office Building Owner

by ENA Team

Steven Sulpizio had long grown weary of spending his Friday nights driving 40 minutes each way to check a thermostat. The tenants at his commercial office building often cranked up the heat to 27°C/81°F, a costly and frustrating habit — especially over the weekends, when the space was empty.

Steven found himself on the hunt for a smart thermostat to give him more control, but he needed one that didn’t require a neutral line. His older building didn’t have one, and rewiring would have cost a small fortune

He was thrilled when his search landed on ENASTAT. “It was exactly what I needed,” he said. “And as far as I can tell, it’s the only smart thermostat on the market that works without a neutral line.”

Steven bought four ENASTAT thermostats, and after his electrician installed them, he set up the app himself. When he hit a slight snag, ENA Solution’s 24/7 tech support made the process seamless.

Now Steven saves hours of driving time each week. “It’s all in the app now, and I can check everything from my phone,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about a tenant leaving the thermostat higher going into the weekend.”

As an added bonus, he’s proud to support a Canadian company. “I’ve been super impressed. I tell people about ENASTAT all the time.”




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