ENA Solution’s Guide to HVAC System Options and Accessories

ENA Solution’s Guide to HVAC System Options and Accessories

by ENA Team

Modern HVAC systems are asked to do so much more than heat or cool the air; there are numerous accessories and system components that can work in concert to provide comfort, healthier air quality, higher efficiency and more. Below we’ll unpack some of the most popular options, all of which are controllable through the ENA App and Dashboard. 


You’ll find an HVAC economizer as part of the outdoor system, and it’s used to introduce fresh air from outside at appropriate times to cool a building. This can be automated in the ENA App to ensure you’re taking advantage when air temperature and humidity levels are optimal. 

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Also known as Energy Recovery Ventilators, these systems extract moist, stale air and use it to heat (and supply) fresh, filtered air. This doesn’t only lower your electric bill, it can reduce humidity and condensation, shed contaminants and create a more even temperature throughout the space. 

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers 

Controlling the humidity level in a building isn’t just important for comfort. Excessive moisture in a space can also promote mold growth or cause damage to equipment. Conversely, excessively dry air could cause wood products and other items to crack, shrink or warp. Adding humidifiers and dehumidifiers to a commercial HVAC system allows you to dial in the perfect moisture level for your people and your products (all from the ENA App, of course). 


Your system’s fan can be utilized to run at optimal times; for instance, with Duct and Cover, ENASTAT will run your system’s fan until all of the conditioned air has been evacuated from the ductwork. And through the Allergen Defender feature, the system’s fan can also be initiated when weather or air quality data suggests occupants would benefit from mixing the air.

Air Exchanger 

Occupants of welding shops and businesses with process fumes can be prone to unhealthy air quality. Both air exchangers and HRV systems draw fresh air in, but air exchangers expel heat which means they can be more expensive to operate. With ENASTAT’’s AirSwap feature, we’ll maximize the efficiency of your air exchanger by only running it when the process is active (i.e. during business hours). 

Thankfully, modern innovations in HVAC technology have enabled us to condition buildings more effectively, efficiently and safely. We designed ENASTAT to optimize all of the options at your disposal, so you can unlock the most benefits effortlessly. Happy heating and cooling! 




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