Zone control benefit that ENASTAT thermostat offers for small to medium industrial facilities

Zone control benefit that ENASTAT thermostat offers for small to medium industrial facilities

by Ramin TajallipourENASTAT, Zone Control Benefit

Most industrial facilities are partitioned into several zones. The main benefit of this is that you save on energy, thereby reducing your utility bills.

Some facilities may have hundreds of heaters to provide different temperatures for the various partitions. For example the factory area can be kept comfortably cool while the offices are left warm to provide a welcoming temperature for the staff. Meanwhile storerooms can be cooler than the other rooms to help preserve products. In the evening when offices aren't in use they can be kept cooler than in the day.

There are multiple benefits of dividing any facility into several temperature zones, including saving on energy and providing the right temperatures when and where you need them. There are different ways you can set the temperatures in multiple zones, such as setting up a vented system. You can also upgrade your controller to programmable regulators, as this allows you to control the temperatures from anywhere. Let us dive a little deeper into zoned HVAC systems.

Zone Control Systems

As the acronym HVAC implies, this is a zoning system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It regulates and sends temperature-controlled air to different areas of the facility through a series of ducts, dampers, and vents, allowing for customized temperature zones throughout the facility.

How They Work

These systems work by connecting heating and cooling generators to a network of ducts terminating in vents, sending heated or cooled air to desired zones in a facility. This system controls the airflow through regulators connected to a central control panel, thereby regulating the amount of warm or cool air released into the various zones. The panel calculates how much warm or cool air is sent and how wide the zone dampers should be opened. This ensures that there is no cool or warm air wasted in zones that don’t require it.
When creating zones for multiple thermostats, you set the temperature for each zone via its own regulator. Numerous factors can affect the temperature of your shop or facility, including machines, high ceilings, exterior wind chill, and stoves or ovens for cooking. Zoning solves these problems by allowing each zone's regulator to maintain the desired temperature. With a reliable heat pump or furnace, zoned HVAC systems help enhance the efficiency of the overall system.

Benefits of Zone Control Systems

The two main benefits of this kind of system are cost savings and energy efficiency, and systems with smart regulators will give you more control over your building’s temperature, eliminating overheated or overcooled areas in your facility. High energy efficiency is a proven way to save money, and the most satisfying benefit of the system is the increased level of comfort you’ll feel. Having looked at zoned HVAC systems and how they work, let’s take a look at the best regulators for multiple zones.

Smart Thermostats for Multiple Zones

Even with multiple zones within your building, most basic controllers treat the entire facility as a single heating or cooling zone. For this reason, every occupant of the facility has to come to agree on what the temperature should be, which forces a fair bit of compromise from the parties involved.

This is where smart regulators come in. They have simple controls and touchscreen displays that make programming easier. Smart regulators can also connect to the internet via WiFi, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere via an app. As well, through computer algorithms and sensors, they can also consider your local weather forecasts and maintain the preferred temperature in various zones. What is more, you can use them together with other industrial smart systems and apps. A smart regulator can automatically change the temperature with regard to the time of day, allowing you to schedule different temperatures for those times or even for when you’re away.

Nest Thermostat

Smart controllers for multiple zones allow you to set up different zones around your home or facility. One such controller is the Nest thermostat, which is a small but beautiful controller available in various colour configurations. Its display screen has a 480p resolution, and it has ten different sensors that can regulate temperature, humidity, and ambient light, among others, and has a motion detector that turns the display on when someone comes near it.
As well, you can use the Nest smartphone app to set desired temperatures for different partitions, which means that no one needs to compromise, as everyone can have their desired room temperature. There are other smart regulators for multiple zones, but you will see why the ENASTAT thermostat is one of the best on the market.

ENASTAT Industrial Smart Thermostat

The ENASTAT is an app-based WiFi-enabled thermostat that was designed to replace outdated mechanical regulators, and it is ideal for your small or medium industrial facility because it provides the best level of comfort and energy savings for your industrial facility, warehouse, or garage. ENASTAT can easily designate zones via the capabilities of its app, which is available for Android and iOS mobile users. It allows for monitoring and controlling multiple ENASTAT thermostats, and there is no limit to the number of thermostats you can have in one zone. As well, you can create multiple zones per facility and manage them using your smartphone. This saves on costs as well as time.

Below are some of the features and benefits of using this type of smart regulator.

Benefits of ENASTAT Thermostats

  • Designed for industrial applications, and controlled with your smartphone app.
  • Complete control over facility temperatures from anywhere in the world.
  • Simple to install.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • With reporting and alerts via the app, you have control, even off-site. You can check your settings anytime, anywhere.
  • Peace of mind and convenience that would previously have required a costly building management system (BMS).
  • Fully contained, and can withstand harsh industrial environments for years to come.
  • Its intuitive scheduling interface allows you to access reports, advanced control features, alarms, and alerts at any time.





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