Affordable Energy Control Helps Affordable Housing

Affordable Energy Control Helps Affordable Housing

by ENA Team

Redwood Park Communities provides safe, affordable, hopeful housing for residents of Barrie, Ontario. The organization also runs a Furniture Bank to help make those houses feel like homes. But it takes four heaters to keep the 10,000 square-foot Furniture Bank warehouse comfortable for clients choosing sofas, tables, and chairs — and the charity’s leaders hoped a bit more climate control would keep high utility bills at bay.

“With traditional thermostats, it's very hard for people to walk in and not adjust them,” said Kent, Redwood’s Facilities Coordinator, who purchased two ENASTAT smart thermostats after learning about them on social media. “For me, it was the faceless design and greater control. I wanted to be able to monitor them more easily and have more reliability.”

Kent was familiar with household smart thermostats, like Nest, but he worried passersby would instantly recognize the products and crank up the heat. The downside is people often forget to return the settings to normal, resulting in higher energy consumption. A friend suggested Ecobee, but he didn’t like the overly complicated app interface.

With its faceless design, ENASTAT was more anonymous, plus it’s designed to be durable for warehouse environments. And it took just minutes to program the thermostat’s app after he completed installation. Kent shared feedback with ENASTAT’s development team and has seen his suggestions implemented in the app.

“That’s one thing I find very beneficial,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like it’s very hard to say, ‘Hey, what do you think about this…’ and see the feedback implemented.”

With ENASTAT’s energy savings, the thermostats will quickly pay for themselves. “The price point is very reasonable,” Kent added. And since using ENASTAT’s zoning feature, the thermostats are already providing more consistent comfort throughout the entire warehouse.

ENA Solution’s staff is pleased to be able to contribute in our own small way to this charity’s efforts to keep costs down and let them focus their resources on helping people. Learn more about Redwood Park Communities and their Furniture Bank at




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