7 Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality with ENASTAT

7 Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality with ENASTAT

by ENA Team

When most people think of the benefits of smart thermostats, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience are usually the three most prominent. However, did you know that with the right intelligence, systems can be controlled in ways that optimize indoor air quality (IAQ)? Creating safe and healthy environments for building occupants isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s required by building code and can have a serious impact on a business’s bottom line. Check out the seven different control features we’ve introduced with ENASTAT to ensure your IAQ is A-OK! 

Heat Recovery

If a heat recovery ventilator is part of your HVAC system, ENASTAT will control its operation to extract moist, stale air and use it to heat the space. In the process, it’ll supply fresh, filtered air, so you’re not only saving energy, you’re reducing the amount of humidity, condensation and contaminants in the space. 


In spaces such as welding or auto shops where fumes or other airborne contaminants are present, unhealthy air can be a real challenge for employees or guests. Air exchanges are a great solution for providing cleaner air, but can be expensive to run. With ENASTAT, you can maximize the efficiency of yours with AirSwap - a control feature that ensures you’re only running the system whenever the process creating the issue is active (i.e. business hours). 


Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be used to maintain ideal thermal conditions for occupants, but they can also impact processes and products. Take cannabis growing facilities, for instance; these humidity-dependent operations are susceptible to significant product loss if the humidity level is not properly controlled, and ENASTAT provides full control of both humidifiers and dehumidifiers. 

Allergen Defender

By taking into account external data points, such as air quality and weather inputs, ENASTAT can automatically run your system’s fan when appropriate to ensure the air is as clean as possible. This solution is perfect for densely occupied buildings such as offices, retail spaces and even apartment buildings. 

Filter View

Clogged filters not only harm the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system, they are less effective at catching contaminants and allergens. Using calendar dates or run-time data, ENASTAT will proactively notify you that it’s time to change your filters. Enjoy the nudge AND the clean air! 

Cool Dehumidification 

ENASTAT can run your air conditioner to lower your temperature 1-2 degrees while removing moisture in the process. It’s an efficient cooling boost and a way to control humidity for those who don’t have a dehumidifier. 

Fresh Air Optimizer

If your nighttime temperatures are cool and there’s low humidity, ENASTAT will direct your economizer to pull fresh air from outside to lower the indoor temperature. It’s less expensive than running the air conditioning and ensures you’re getting healthy, fresh air in the building.




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