6 Signs Its Time to Get an ENASTAT Smart Thermostat

6 Signs Its Time to Get an ENASTAT Smart Thermostat

by ENA Team

Hello there! If you’re reading this, we’ve obviously done or written something that’s caught your eye, and you may be wondering if ENASTAT is the right product for your situation. Well, hopefully we'll answer that question with this list of all the signs that point to YES! 

Sign #1: You (or team members) spend excessive amounts of time fidgeting with the temperature settings

Seems like a no brainer, right? But all those trips around the bays really add up time-wise. When you tally up the wasted time spent adjusting settings or turning on and off systems, the ROI-based case for a smart industrial thermostat looks compelling. 

Sign #2: You own and/or operate multiple buildings 

One commercial thermostat to rule them all! As your building empire grows, know that ENASTAT will grow with it. The app-based thermostat has limitless scale when it comes to the number of zones or locations you can manage from one account.  

Sign #3: You had sticker shock from a Building Management System quote

Most Building Management Systems (also commonly referred to as Building Automation Systems) are expensive to install and maintain. And unless you are building the workplace of the future, odds are you’re seeking fairly specific controls and automations for lighting, security, etc. that can be achieved with a much slimmer budget. (More on that here.) A smart industrial thermostat can take care of your HVAC automation needs for just a fraction of the expense. 

Sign #4: You want (certain) others to have control of your HVAC

Perhaps your days of fiddling with the thermostat are behind you. Well, don’t entrust that responsibility to just anybody! Once you’ve appointed the privileged heir(s) to the HVAC control throne, you can simply share access via the ENASTAT app and boom...enjoy the nice temperatures without lifting a finger. 

Sign #5: You’re a landlord or property manager 

Managing disparate rental properties can be a logistical challenge. But with ENASTAT, you have visibility and control over all your locations in one app. And don’t forget Sign #5; you can share access with your tenants if desired.  

Sign #6: You have a remote (distant) property

If you manage or own non-local properties, keeping tabs on them isn’t always easy...especially if Wi-Fi is spotty or unavailable. With the 2nd Gen ENASTAT, you can use LTE to monitor and control your HVAC from anywhere in the world. 

There are so many signs out there that it’s time to try a smart industrial thermostat, but if you need more, please drop us a line in our chat! We’d love to hear your questions or use case and determine how ENASTAT can work for you!




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