5 Ways ENASTAT Full Circle Works Like a Building Management System

5 Ways ENASTAT Full Circle Works Like a Building Management System

by ENA Team

We started ENA Solution because we saw a wide gap between traditional thermostats and Building Management Systems (BMS), both on cost and in capabilities. We knew there was an economic way to deliver many of the benefits of a BMS, and that way became ENASTAT.

On the heels of our recent launch of ENASTAT Full Circle, let’s examine some of the ways the smart commercial thermostat measures up to its more expensive counterparts in technology. 

Full Control of All Zones

Traditional thermostats work only as point solutions, and grouping your climate controllers with wires can be a costly endeavor. With embedded WiFi and Bluetooth, ENASTAT Full Circle devices can be controlled wirelessly all from one app or web dashboard. For synchronized temperature settings, we make it easy to create zones with multiple thermostats.

Calendar 365

Scheduling a thermostat’s operations doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you realize the limitation of only being able to choose times and days of the week. With Calendar 365, you can alter the settings based on the exact day of the year, making it possible to accommodate for schedule changes due to holidays, shutdowns or other irregularities in occupancy. 

Accessory to Comfort 

Unlike your run-of-the-mill thermostat, ENASTAT Full Circle can control all of your HVAC system’s accessories, including ventilators, heat recovery units, fresh air economizers, dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers. Enjoy healthier air, more efficient HVAC, better balanced temperatures and more…all from the web dashboard and mobile app. 

Dual Fuel Mode

Switching seamlessly between gas and electric heat has never been easier. With ENASTAT Full Circle, you can prioritize reaching your setpoint or default to the most energy efficient option, providing yet another discrete control option.

IAQ Booster

With its proprietary Allergen Defender setting, ENASTAT Full Circle is capable of optimizing the introduction of fresh air based on external conditions. From filter reminders to total fan control, you’ll find a number of options designed to deliver the healthiest indoor environment for your occupants.  

ENASTAT Full Circle is closer to a fully automated Building Management System than it is a simple thermostat, and this is simply a partial list of evidence. Check out to learn more about all of the intelligent automation ENASTAT can bring to your buildings. 




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