4 Ways ENASTAT Is Built Different

4 Ways ENASTAT Is Built Different

by ENA Team

We designed ENASTAT specifically for commercial and industrial environments, meaning you won’t find the typical cheap construction of residential thermostats. It needed to hold up to impact, harsh conditions and anything else life might throw at it. Let’s explore the many ways we ensured ENASTAT could take a beating and keep on heating. 

Completely Sealed

Most thermostats feature a vented design because the excessive heat and layout of the electronics might throw off the sensors. But this same design that allows items to escape also invites contaminants such as dust and moisture. ENASTAT’s factory-sealed design protects its electronics and sensors from any debris. 

Robust Overmold

Surrounding the electronics with a thick thermoplastic overmold provides the ultimate protection. This shatterproof design means ENASTAT can take a hit and still won’t quit. 

Faceless Design

Customers love that guests and employees can’t tamper with the ENASTAT’s temperature settings, but the button-free, screenless design has another purpose: it won't break or become worn with continual contact. Oh, and because there’s no glass display, it can also withstand extremely cold temperatures. 

Backup Battery 

If you lose power, don’t worry; ENASTAT’s backup lithium ion battery will keep it running for up to two weeks. If your heat runs on natural gas, you’ll be good to go, and if it’s electric, you’ll be able to see via the ENA app when temperatures start to drop. 

We go to great lengths designing products that exceed the requirements of the job site, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be thermostat shopping again any time soon. (Unless you need more ENASTATS, of course!) 




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