4 Simple Ways to Save Energy With ENASTAT

4 Simple Ways to Save Energy With ENASTAT

by ENA Team

Saving energy on your heating and cooling costs shouldn’t require an advanced engineering degree. With ENASTAT, there are some very basic ways to take advantage of the control  features to make sure you don’t spend a dollar more than necessary to keep your occupants comfortable, productive and happy! 

Thwart the Tamperers 

Ever walked into an office on a hot summer day and felt the need to grab a sweater? Yeah, that’s because the hot-natured accountant on the third floor decided to turn his cubicle (and everyone else’s) into an icebox. ENASTAT’s faceless design prevents individual occupants from picking and choosing the thermostat set point; those skills are now reserved for those who pay the bills. 

Remote Control 

We’ve all endured the feeling of burning money because we left the house without adjusting the thermostat. Heating and cooling an empty home is painful, but doing this in a large commercial or industrial facility takes that pain to another level. Fortunately, all you need now is a phone, tablet or computer and you can control your building’s HVAC system from anywhere in the world, ensuring you never have to be on site to turn off your system. 

Set a Schedule

What’s even better than having remote access? A set-it-and-forget it system that allows you to never worry about heating or cooling during off hours. And, if you have a holiday or other occurrence that disrupts your normal schedule, you can still control the thermostat from anywhere via the app. 

Optimize Your Run Times

Because of the insights delivered by ENASTAT each month, you’ll know precisely how long it takes to heat or cool your facility to the desired set point. With this knowledge, you can adjust your schedule to ensure you aren’t conditioning the space a minute too early (or late, when it comes down to closing for the day). 

Thanks to ENASTAT, fine-tuning your HVAC settings to save time, money and energy is as easy as a few swipes of the index finger. Happy heating (or cooling)!




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