23 Reasons to Upgrade to ENASTAT in 2023

23 Reasons to Upgrade to ENASTAT in 2023

by ENA Team

Perhaps 2022 isn’t the year you upgraded to one of ENASTAT’s smart WiFi thermostats. No reason to dwell on the missed opportunity, because the year 2023 is full of opportunity! Just in case you’re still not convinced, we’ve got 23 reasons for you to make the new year your best (and most comfortable) yet! 

  1. Complete Compatibility. The family of ENASTAT thermostats now cover virtually all types of heating and air systems, so you don’t have to worry if they’ll work in your building(s). 
  2. Calendar 365. On the subject of dates, ENASTAT’s advanced scheduling feature allows you to set your temperature preferences down to the specific calendar day, not just a day of the week 
  3. IP65. ENASTAT secured this rating in 2022, meaning it is impervious to intrusion from contaminants (i.e. dirt, dust) and moisture.
  4. Planet Pleaser. We’ve packed the products full of intelligent, energy-saving features. Mother Earth will thank you. 
  5. One App to Control Them All. Control an unlimited number of thermostats all from the palm of your hand with the ENA App. 
  6. Locked and Loaded. While we often boast about the loads of control features, ENASTAT’s “faceless” design means its settings are locked from employees or guests who try to make unauthorized adjustments. 
  7. Advanced Permission Sharing. Speaking of locking people out, you can set specific permissions (and permission durations) for others to control ENASTAT. Choose your comfort companions wisely. 
  8. Accessory to Comfort. Intelligently control all of your HVAC accessories, including economizers, ventilators, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and more to achieve your goals of comfort and/or efficiency.  
  9. Autopilot Control. While we get excited about all the ways in which you can control your thermostats, it’s important to note how easy it is to “set it and forget it” and let ENASTAT do all the work! 
  10. No Assembly Anxiety. Installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes, so you don’t have to set aside an entire day (or even hour) to make the upgrade.  
  11. LTE, Baby. For when WiFi isn’t a good option (i.e. remote locations, rental properties), we offer the option to connect via cellular networks. 
  12. Custom Branding. Take advantage of ENASTAT’s “faceless” design by adding custom colors, logos or artwork to your thermostats. 
  13. Save Some Sheckles. Users report saving up to 30% on energy costs when they install ENASTAT. ROI, here we come. 
  14. In the Zone. Beyond basic zoning, you can now prevent (or allow) in-zone “fighting” by two systems, whether your goal is comfort or efficiency. 
  15. Instant Insights. With the HVAC Performance Portal, ENA Solution’s web dashboard provides rich information about the operation of your HVAC system. 
  16. Dedicated Support. Backed by a team obsessed with creating a remarkable customer experience, ENASTAT is supported 7-days a week right from the company’s Calgary headquarters.  
  17. ENAlerts. Enjoy peace of mind thanks to ENASTAT’s notification system. Whether it’s a filter in need of changing or something more serious, you’ll be the first to know if there’s any cause for concern. 
  18. Made in North America. We take pride in amazing craftsmanship, and none of our thermostats are made or assembled overseas. 
  19. Over-the-Air Awesomeness. As we continue to develop new, innovative features for ENASTAT, you’ll benefit from them with wireless updates straight to your thermostats. 
  20. Blackout Backup. With an onboard rechargeable battery, you won’t have to worry about your thermostat going offline in the event of a power outage. 
  21. Breathe Easy. With IAQ-boosting features like Allergen Defender, ENASTAT will work hard to deliver the freshest of air to your buildings and the people in them. 
  22. Longer Longevity. With smarter control of your HVAC systems and its stages, ENASTAT can reduce wear and tear and extend equipment life. 
  23. No Downside. ENASTAT is backed by a 10-year warranty and a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Why not give it a shot?! 

We can’t help you with most of your New Year’s Resolutions, unless they happen to involve saving time, energy or money. But we can help make 2023 the best year yet for your HVAC equipment, your buildings and the people in them. Happy New Year from all of us at ENA Solution! 




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